Fabric Care

Fabric Care
Practically all garment can be washed by hand and hung to dry or flat dried depending on the content. The only garment that absolutely has to be dry-cleaned are the ones that feature complex construction, draping or embroidery with delicate appliqué.
Many of the natural medium and heavy weight fabrics can be machine washed. All delicate fabrics should be washed by hand. In this article, we'll discuss care for fabrics by type that we use at Helena Jones.
Woven Linen, Cotton, Viscose & Polyester
Medium and heavy weight fabrics can be machine washed and dried. Wash your garment inside out to preserve the brightness of the color. Lightweight fabrics should be hand washed and hung to dry in a shady place to avoid fading and over drying. Spray your garment with water before ironing to make the process faster and easier. With proper care, your Helena Jones garments will last forever.
Natural Fiber Knits
Natural fiber knits should be washed by hand in warm water or in a machine with cold water by itself on a short gentle cycle. All knits should be flat dried only.
Synthetic Knits 
Acrylic knits are the most resilient of them all. They can be washed and dried in the machine on any kind of cycle; the only thing you have to keep in mind is the weight of the fabric: if your garment is made of delicate, light-weight fabric it should only be washed by hand. All the other synthetic knits perform quite well with machine washes but should be flat dried to ensure the preservation of their original shape.
Viscose & Cotton Jersey
Garments out of these fabrics can be machine washed and dried, for delicate options place your garment in a net to avoid tear before putting it in the machine.
Polyester Jersey
Just like acrylic knits polyester jersey is one of the most resilient fabrics. Throw it in the washer, dryer, pull it out when it's done and put it on without ironing. A perfect solution for those lazy days when you feel like going to work in your pajamas but the dress code just won't allow it.
Hand wash and flat dry only. Iron on the lowest setting and start with the side bottom part on the reverse side of the garment. 
Furs, Leather & Feathers
Dry clean only, unless we give you a green light for a specific garment that we've tested. For example last year we produced some vegan leather pants with fur lining that are machine washable and can be thrown in the dryer also. This season we have quite a few garments out of vegan leather that can be machine washed and dried as well. Feathers can never go in any kind of wash, and furs ... most low pile acrylic furs can be washed and dried, but to be certain ask us before trying it at home.